Other Media & Presentation Skills Workshops

Whether it’s for a conference, a board presentation or a roadshow, we can help you develop your individual communication style so you are powerful and memorable in your communication. Half day and one day workshops depending on group size.

Personal Coaching (2-3hrs each, up to 6 sessions)
Highly customised for the senior executive, individual coaching allows an intensive session on interview technique. Often used by experienced performers as a spot workout on handling difficult questions or as part of a programming for developing a senior spokesperson's skills.

Packaging Media Messages (Half day up to 15 people)
When the words you say have to get the message across without fail, this workshop takes you through a sure-fire process to come up with the right key messages. This message development workshop can also be used to "road-test" messages prior to the launch of a major campaign or an important company announcement.

Just In time
For a last minute run-through before a scheduled or anticipated interview. This can be done over the phone or via Skype.

Media Essentials (1 day workshop - up to 20 people)
An introductory, large group workshop designed to raise awareness about how to work with the media, what journalists really need and the basics of media relations. You'll learn what really motivates journalists, and how the news process really works. Perfect for people dealing with media at the frontline, or as a first step in spokesperson training.